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4 Principles of Marketing Strategy



i think combining these principles will help me tremendously. if you take summarized notes of each comment and highlight of the princples, you essentially have a questionnaire for yourself to improve your approach. i was sure to keep in mind this was done five years ago, and that each market is ever changing and evolving, as should my approaches. also keeping in mind that this man is older and even stated that he was completely unfamiliar with pop culture aside from surface level statistics and that some of his ideas should be taken with a grain of bourbon flavored salt…overall, this is a vieo that is not too short, nor too long, and extremely useful for those who are without zero to basic knowledge of marketing
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy1 month ago
Thank you for your feedback, Jonathan!
Raymond Dez
Raymond Dez7 months ago (edited)
who else is watching this because of a school assignment? lol
MarinRayado1 month ago
+Sherilynn Macale (HeyCheri) I know right? I wish all schools did this.
Satyam Gaba
Satyam Gaba3 weeks ago
me :D
Sha Moore
Sha Moore1 month ago
I am very excited about getting into Marketing. I have a job interview for a Marketing Assistant job next week. This was extremely helpful and really easy to follow and take notes. Thank you!
Abeer Salah
Abeer Salah3 weeks ago
don’t you have any Marketing Certification from anywhere?
Sha Moore
Sha Moore1 week ago
No, I do not.
jakester08522 months ago
This guy is really smart! I like how he’s breaking down the walls on marketing. It’s helpful
hidden talk
hidden talk4 months ago
I’m 15 and watching this because I want to do something in marketing when I get older so might as well study now
Cole Essex
Cole Essex2 months ago
Sasaki Umiquema
Sasaki Umiquema2 months ago
I like how you say customers from hell hahaha
Mr.Khalifah4 weeks ago
Thanks for this video
Sasaki Umiquema
Sasaki Umiquema2 months ago
That HUNGRY part! love it!
Bilal Shafiq
Bilal Shafiq3 months ago
Thanks for the reminder Sir, Brain Tracy, I was 19 when I joined online industry as a source of income and I’ve been pretty successful, luckily many of the secrets I’ve already been implementing to promote my business but you’ve shared a few great ideas in this video, those are highly appreciated. Stay Blessed always !
sachinchochi4 weeks ago
why do asians like you such braggars
Osama Arsh
Osama Arsh1 month ago
the chick in the beginning should be the one doing the video
sachinchochi4 weeks ago
really! she aint so good
Tobias Ain – Verkaufstrainer
Tobias Ain – Verkaufstrainer3 months ago
In Germany this would not work!
Rich People
Rich People1 month ago
these are principles of our world. they’ll work anywhere
david henriquez
david henriquez2 weeks ago
+Onye nmehie Ihe nagara nkeoma I mean that’s the only reason someone would go in business for them selves for a profit
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez3 months ago
23 Years old,
Learning web development at san diego mesa college, these marketing strategies have given me so many new ideas, thank you Brian Tracy!
Voices Of Variety
Voices Of Variety1 day ago
parveen dhankhar
parveen dhankhar2 weeks ago
great ideas about marketing strategy. i am loving it.thank you.
Ed Sil
Ed Sil5 days ago
Sometimes it may seem as though nowadays the only thing that is constantly on the lips of every marketer is, “Video marketing!”
Yanike Mann
Yanike Mann2 months ago
Your information is so helpful. Helps me on my own personal ventures and ones for the corporation I work for.
Jonathan Frost
Jonathan Frost3 weeks ago
Pure Gold from Brian Tracy. Check out his comments on procrastination. So helpful!
Southerngunner 87
Southerngunner 875 months ago
Brian, ive recently started reading your books. Most of them ive read, let me tell you they have changed my life and how i do business. You influnced me greatly and i thank you for what you do.
Margaret Colon
Margaret Colon4 months ago
Hi Brian. I expected this to be another long boring seminar but thank you for sharing your insight and being precise and to the point. You shine in your expertise and your experience. And your sense of humor helps us not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a good laugh!
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy4 months ago
+Margaret Colon Thank you, Margaret!
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